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Assessoring-Consulting Company "Bagira-Expert"
7,4 office, 3 floor, 1building, 13/14, Voronzhovskaja street, Moscow, 109004, Russia. E—mail: direction@bagira-expert.ru


Assessoring-Сonsulting Сompany "Bagira-Expert"

  • Provides consulting services to enterprises with different legal structure, carries out appraisal of market value and other forms of property appraisal and revaluation of fixed assets of enterprises.
  • Operates with residential and non-residential real estate and provides services to individuals and legal entities.
  • Provides legal support for enterprises and individuals.

Most high profile clients of our company:

"Kostromskaya GRES" - public corporation - is the largest thermoelectric power station of the kind in Europe. Revaluation of the fixed assets, appraisal of reinstatement value, total technical inventorisation of fixed assets, reinstatement of residual value for some objects. Full Version

"Marienergo" - public corporation. Revaluation of the fixed assets of Ioshkar Ola electrical networks and Ioshkar Ola thermoelectric power station, total technical inventorisation of the fixed assets. Simultaneously major revaluation of the largest objects within the fixed assets class has been performed. Full Version

Appraisal of market value of a number of real estate objects of social-cultural-and communal importance in Moscow.
In 2001-2002 we performed revaluation of fixed assets of some enterprises forming a part of AO 'MOSENERGO' within the scope of the program of revaluation of the fixed assets of RAO "UES of Russia" .

IPK of Civil Service (VIPK Energo) (Institute of Raising the Level of one's Skill)
We have been cooperating with IPK of Civil Service and it's structural division VIPK energo for a long time, participating regularly in their seminars as reporters. Also, we have performed valuation of some of the real estate objects of belonging to IPK of Civil Service.

Our other clients:

"Kostromaenergo" JSC

"Konakovskaja GRES" JSC

VFSO "Dinamo"

"Energoprogectholding" company

"Sivma" company

"Sevar" company

"Faustovo" children nutrition plant' public enterprise

Theater Foundation of The union of theater workers of Russia.


"Public corporation for organization of air traffic"

"Jaroslaval Diesel apparatus plant" JSC

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