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Assessoring-Consulting Company "Bagira-Expert"
7,4 office, 3 floor, 1building, 13/14, Voronzhovskaja street, Moscow, 109004, Russia. E—mail: direction@bagira-expert.ru

  Legal support for bisiness

One of the main partners of our company is Moscow Board of Lawyers "Advocate League".

Moscow Board of Lawyers 'Advocate League' was found in 1994, on the base of Moscow Government Act № 165 of March 1, 1994.

From it's establishment and till nowadays the Board's activity has been focussed on the development of all the best, what had been amassed by the Russian bar and creative perception of all the new, what has arose in the area of attorney activity within last years.

Board's advocates fulfill their obligations according to Article 51of the criminal procedural code of RF. They are available for consulting to people regularly, on everyday duty basis.

As its main task , the Presidium of the Board considers demandiry the highest possible quality of juridical assistance provided by all attorneys. Only such approach enables the Board to meet the steadily growing requirements of people and organizations to professional level of attorney.

To meet this target the Board fostens specialisation of attorreys is different branches of the law while promoting complex approach to solving the problems of the clients.

Nowadays attorney services to their clients are seldom limited by representation of his/her interests at arbitrage, civil or criminal court. As a rule, simultaneously with representation of the client's interests at court, there is a necessity for consulting and legal support for business activities, somehow connected with court examination, legal support for registration/ deregistration of legal entities, representation of the clients /interests at various/ with government institutions (tax, custom institutions, ministry of Internal affairs e.t.c.).

The Board forms working groups of attorneys - experts in different branches of the law to provide clients with a complex approach enabling them to solve the whole range of their juridical problems.

The Board is provided with all necessarily working conditions: all the three offices have special rooms for negotiation, all necessary office equipment and data bases, and - the most important thing - very good specialists work for our Board - attorneys, specializing in very diverse spheres of law, including experts in criminal law and criminal procedure, specialists in civil law, group of attorneys dealing with car accident cases, specialists in the sphere of corporate law, including settlement of problems with registration, deregistration and liquidation, etc.

The Board puts much effort to form the base for it's further development. For this purpose the presidium of the Board:

  • Provides training and recruitment of future attorneys among the students of juridical institutes and university departments, who get accustomed to attorney traditions and get necessary experience during their studying;
  • Attracts to Board professional attorneys - experts in different branches of law, provide complex legal assistance for corporative clients and individuals.

Attorneys from Moscow Advocate Board 'Advocate league' represent their clients at arbitrage and general courts (criminal and civil affairs), and provide the following juridical assistance:

  • Working during preliminary investigation, representation at criminal court as defenders, victim representatives, civil plaintiffs and respondents.
  • Pre-arbitral and pre-trial settlement of arguments.
  • Legal expertise of documents
  • Defense of honor, dignity and business reputation.
  • Drafting of constitutive documents for any organization of any types of ownership
  • Legal support for the state registration of legal entities, including these formed with participation of foreign citizens and organizations.
  • Providing legal assistance during the phase of executive production.
  • Legal advice on immigration issues (advising on filing for the permit in the USA, providing legal services both in Russia and the USA);
  • Legal support for real estate transactions
  • Settlement of legal questions in the sphere of privatization, external economic activity, security deposit, lease, land tenure, taxation.

Please, read our news. You can know hot news about Moscow Board of Lawyers activity "Advocate League" on "Our news".

Address: 1 Building, 13/14, Vorontsovskaja street, Moscow, 109004, Russia, Moscow Board of Lawyers "Advocate League"

Contact phones: ++7 (095) 912-68-45, ++7 (095) 912-97-02.

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