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Assessoring-Consulting Company "Bagira-Expert"
7,4 office, 3 floor, 1building, 13/14, Voronzhovskaja street, Moscow, 109004, Russia. E—mail: direction@bagira-expert.ru


Assessoring-Сonsulting Сompany 'Bagira-Expert' works in close cooperation with a number of organizations and offers you the whole range of appraisal and legal services and services in the sphere of real estate.

Our partners are:

Moscow Board of Lawyers "Advocate League"
 Moscow Board of Lawyers "Advocate league" was founded in 1994 on the groundof Moscow Government Act №165 of March, 1, 1994. From it's establishment and till present time the strategic course of the Board's activity has been focussed on the development of all the best, what had been accumulated by the Russian bar, and creative perception of all the new, what has arose in the area of attorney activity within last years.

Full version: Legal support for business activities.

«VEMEX» trade and consulting company
Czech trade consulting company "VEMEX" offers wide range of services concerning possible investments into Czech and Russian economies, provides assistance in search for partners, setting up business in Czech Republic and Russia, purchase of real estate, business registration, residence in Czech Republic.
International Educational Consortium (IEC)
IEC unites potential of highly skilled instructors and consultants from Russia, Czech Republic, Germany and Byelorussia, having wide experience in working with businessmen. Seminars and conferences (including VIP level) take place in education complexes at the premises of "VEMEX" located in Prague and Karlovy Vary.

The modern hotel in one of the most beautiful castles of Karlovy Vary "Aberg" is available for the students. The lectures take place in classes, which form an integral part of the hotels.

Russian Society of Appraisers
Russian Society of Appraisers is the largest and the most respected union of professional appraisers of Russia.
Full version: www.mrsa.ru

Scientific-research consulting enterprise "Bagira"
Scientific-research consulting enterprise "Bagira" has created and keep on developing the software package 'Estimate-Bagira' the - system realizing diverse aspects of pricing in building area:
  • estimation of any kind;
  • built-in exhaustive data base of legal information, wholesale price lists for equipment and materials, covering all territories, time and industrial variations since 1969 till nowadays:
  • price indexing system;
  • appraisal of real estate objects using cost approach, including unfinished building.

Contact phones: ++7 (095)330-6193, ++7 (095)424-6877

"Antares T.M." Llc
"Antares T.M." Llc - Llc is the owner of the unique river motor boat, available for VIP-class business meetings and for excursions along the Moscow-river.

Our partners in Czech Republic

KERT REAL s.r.o. Company
Conglomerate company (the part of the group of companies KERT) with the main specialization in the sphere of investment and realtor activities not in Prague and nearby regions only, but throughout the whole Czech Republic. The director general of KERT REAL s.r.o. is the Chairman of the Prague Chamber of Trade Mr. Petr Kuzhel.

The Prague Chamber of Trade and KERT REAL s.r.o. have authority over business environment especially concerning questions of determination of class of risk of investment projects, simplification of the process of their preparation and realization, real estate operations, lease of residential and non-residential objects of the property complex. Professionalism of our Czech partners is based on excellent knowledge of the market in the Czech republic and provisions of the modern Czech economy.

REX-BOHEMIA s.r.o. Company.
Is one of the most experienced, reliable and reputable companies in the Czech Republic, dealing in real estate business. REX-BOHEMIA s.r.o. Company was founded in 1992.The director general of REX-BOHEMIA s.r.o. is the recognised expert in the industry, Doctor of juridical Science, Mr. Zdenek Obst. The juridical education of the head of the firm indicates the great significance which REX-BOHEMIA attaches to the legal aspects of its activities and legal integrity of its real estate dealings. Moreover, Mr. Zdenek Obst had studied in Russia for a long time, that undoubtedly has positive effect on mutual understanding and spreading of partnership.

The main specialization of realtor activity of REX-BOHEMIA is purchase, sale and lease of:

  • Residential real estate (apartments, houses, villas, cottages and so on);
  • Non-residential real estate (hotels, office buildings and premises, tourist centers, sport constructions, restaurants and so on);
  • Ground areas.

Attorney, Master of Law, Paata Bokeria
Represents interests of CIS citizens in arbitrage, criminal and civil court. Member of the Prague Board of Advocates.
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