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Assessoring-Consulting Company "Bagira-Expert"
7,4 office, 3 floor, 1building, 13/14, Voronzhovskaja street, Moscow, 109004, Russia. E—mail: direction@bagira-expert.ru

  Real estate operations

Real estate Assessoring-Сonsulting Сompany "Bagira-Expert" invites you to visit our free legal consultations for residential problems.

At your service are professional lawyers, attorneys, qualified experts in the sphere of real estate, specialists in the real estate valuation.

If you want to change or improve you residential conditions, please, apply to us and we will help you to carry out an appraisal of your real estate, to find a buyer, to search through different variants of real estate property, prepare and correctly formalize the set of documents for amortization or acquisition of real estate, and to register a transaction in law regulated order.

We carry out transactions with office, production, and other types of real estate.

We have unique offers for acquiring elite residential real estate abroad, in Czech Republic in particular.

We also offer real estate in Saint-Petersburg.

From our consultations you will know:

  • How to acquire real estate in Russia and abroad.
  • What kind of problems arise during real estate transactions and how to evade them; what one should be wary of during real estate transactions.
  • How to formalize privatization and deprivatization of a flat.
  • What taxes should be paid to the government when selling or purchasing reale astate.
  • How to minimize the costs of government tax during real estate transactions of any kind.
  • How it is possible to sale unprivitased room in communal flat.
  • How to attach a free room in communal flat.
  • How to get a subsidy and use it to buy residential property.
  • How to formalize a flat as a legacy.
  • How to carry out exchange.
  • How to use residental property, which you already have , to acquire a new flat, including that in a newly-erected building.
  • What hypothec is and how to get hypothec credit.
  • What living certification for military servants is.

Our consulting

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