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Price list for our services

(All the prices include value-added tax and sale tax)

1.Consulting in the sphere of residential problems Free
2. Provision of data base of flats for sale in Moscow Free
3. Organization and carrying out of room oversight 1-5 c. u
4. Examination of a flat for being under arrest (According to Moscow registration institution and Bureau of Technical Inventory) 5-100 c.u.
5. Examination of juridical purity of a flat on the following order:Getting extract from the house book, personal accounts copies, certificates from Bureau of Technical Inventory according to form A11. 10-100 c.u.
6. Examination of authentity of legal document. 5-50 c.u.
7. Drafting of the set of documents for carrying out registration of purchase and sale bargains within a month: 
A room10-100 c.u.
one flat room50-200 c.u.
two flat room75-250 c.u.
three room flat100-300 c.u.
many-roomed flat300-500 c.u.
the same services within three daysDouble price
8. Activity with purpose to find variants of real estate objects in accordance with client's orders 50-150 c.u.
9. Settlement of banking accounts in transactions of purchase or sale of real estate objects 5-10 c.u.
10. Assistance in privatization and deprivatisation of real estate. 100-500 c.u.
11. Representation of property owner's interests at court(division of property, determination and separation of parts of property, legacy affairs and so on) Preliminary consulting - 500 rubles per hour, representation at trial - agreed price).
12.Assistance in getting a mortagage 300-600 c.u.
13. Assistance in legalization of rights for garage, located on the address of registration of these rights in government institutions. 100-500 c.u.
14.Providing services on choosing residential and non-residential rooms for rent 100-500 c.u.
15.Providing of intermediary services for purchase and sale transactions non-residential rooms (legal support for transactions of this kind) 100-500 c.u.
16.Separation of communal flat ( in Moscow) ( assistance in privatization, finding and examination of appropriate flats for separating roomers, organization of legalization of transactions and assistance in deregistration of roomers according with their new addresses) Agreed price
17. Serching for residential rooms in newly-erected building, including assistance in legalization of rights for this real estate. From 200 c.u.
18. Assistance in government registration of rights for enterprise as for property complex 200-1000 c.u.
19.Assistance in state registration of rights for real estate, as ruled by court, arbitrage or arbitration 100-500 c.u.
20.Assistance in government registration of mortgage 150-300 c.u.
21.Assistance in state registration of property rights for real estate and transactions of the kind 100-400 c.u.
22.Assistance in legalization of documents for coming into effect of legacy 50-300 c.u.
23.Other services Agreed price

Prices are indicated in conventional units (one conventional unit = 1 US dollar). Payment is to be made in rubles at the rate of central bank of Russian federation as of the day of payment. All the prices include value-added tax and sale tax. Please, note that the final price is fixed during signing of the agreement for providing services and this price depends on the object and extent of complication of the problem.

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